Asia _ BALKHAB, Scuola

2007, SCHOOL
Afghanistan - District of Balkhab - Province of Sar and Pul

Born for request of local association Suhada to promote the education of girls, that a tribal and discriminating  culture has penalized.  The school is frequented by boys and girls of hazara (ethnic group). One of the few facilities of social utility in a mountainous area and inhospitable of Afghanistan, has been frequented by young women, that were doomed to analphabetism by war and Taliban’s regime. Also this house of angels is an aggregation area for the habitants of village in the area of Sar and Pul.

  • 1 2007, SCUOLA
  • 1 2007, SCUOLA
  • 1 2007, SCUOLA
  • 1 In mancanza di strutture, si fa scuola all’aperto
  • 1 In collaborazione con l’associazione C.I.S.D.A. sosteniamo i movimenti
    femminili afghani.

The credit offers to afghan’s women, the opportunity of a work that deduct them from leave one to one’s own devices, and prostitution.