Legge 124 del 4 agosto 2017
(Art. 1 c. 125-129)

Tipologia contributi 2018:
- da enti pubblici (400€)
- 5% per mille (3008,20€)
- da altri (12700,00€)


The project “Le Case degli Angeli di Daniele” begins in 1998, at the death of Daniele, a beautiful crippled boy, killed in a crash , when he was only twenty two, when he was yet accomplished great results in his rehabilitation, for a peaceful future. The initial purpose to create structure for crippled children in the most poor area of the world without difference of race, religion and culture, now is open to all the needy reality, with a preference to the children, women victim of violence, discriminations,  aged and sick people in difficult situation.


The association “Le Case degli Angeli di Daniele” Onlus was born in 2003 when the parents of Daniele decided to start a project to all the people that want to share with their joyful experience to help the weakest people abandoned and marginalize.


Our association believe that is essential work with partnership with the reality in area where we work, especially with laic and religious associations, public authority, included local responsible people.