The exhibition “the village of the sleeping lions” born in the project “the ants of peace: women together for a better world”, offers a better vision of Afghanistan, where is very difficult find a democracy, where the women, undervalues because of the fundamentalist tribal culture, will be recognize the same rights and dignity. A state where the women will not be admonished: “not trying to stay at the same level of men, God doesn’t give you same rights, and as he wants, two women are like one man”, words of Sebaghatullah Mojadeddi, president of the high chamber and the commission for the national reunion, 2003.

The exhibition consist in 32 photographic panels, and 4 with text (50 x 70 and 70 x 100). The rent is at free payment, and the transport of material is pay by the applicant

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  • 1 La mostra alla biblioteca "J.L. Borges di Bologna
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