Project of educational training for peace and universality


Programmatic manifest

The  project University of Life for a new Humanity,  born inside the association Onlus “ Le Case degli Angeli di Daniele”, aims at the autonomous growth of many young people and adults and the formation-training of their identity in order to use  the meaning of their own commitment  in their life, with the consciousness of their role and responsibility as citizens of the world.
The main objectives of University of Life for a new Humanity are set in order to promote the creation of a future humanity opposite to the one of the contemporary society in which very often nowadays we assist to a bad application and use of technologic and scientific discoveries, to the detriment of nature and people, we assist to foolishness, greed,  indifference and a hostile behaviour towards other people.
A new humanity, that can be realized by changing our current way of thinking and living in the world.
If we are really conscious and convinced that the most precious good to be defended and protected is life and peace then, us all, man and women, have the duty and power to do it by a daily research based on love, justice and respect towards every human being and in harmony with nature.
To fully live our present and future, marked by European integration processes and globalization, we are asked to learn more about other cultures and religions, trying to avoide prejudices and to educate ourselves patiently to dialogue and comparison, contributing in this way to the creation of a state able to live the conviviality of differences. But most important is to know and to keep together the “near” and the “far”, “local” and “global”  widening the limits of solidarity, peace and human rights starting with the idea that a better society has to be built with the help of the people that everyday go through the same stories we live in our countries and cities.


Growth( education) of scientific and technologic knowledge simultaneously to human growth directed to the inner being and development of consciousness.
Rational use of energies in order to defend life and preserve nature.
Ecologic engineering to solve pollution issues and safeguard of Biodiversity.
Valorisation of differences and rediscovery of ancient knowledge and respect to traditions of other populations.
Geopolitical studies of different cultures aimed to a wider knowledge that can promote correct comparison and dialogue. Most of all the knowledge of the causes of underdevelopment, different perceptions of global issues and solicitation to revise our own example of living together.
Reaction to cultural pluralism created by immigration through practical experiences which facilitate integration and creation of a peaceful coexsistence of nations and people, also in the same government.
Peaceful fight-struggle against any type of discrimination and prejudice.
Rediscovery of values and family unions in order to develop in the new generations the ideal of an open minded society.
Progress of a formation which leaves space to creativity and enrichment of individual and community personality.
Diffusion process of values of peace, anti-violence, respect to human and environment rights.
Consciousness of the own role and responsibility as citizens  of the world through an itinere that leads to a self-formation to the world.

Subjects, methods, instruments

University of life for a new Humanity, is not to be considered as an alternative to the public and private school education already existing, to whom, in contrary, naturally refers for the reaching of its goals. So, its didactics cannot be independent to these social and institutional realities.
University of life for a new Humanity already offers a wide set of  possibilities of growth also beyond the specific study plans of every University (ex. Summer and winter schools) and because of its internationality, gives the students a wide range of different cultures and life experiences all the more if in far countries.
One of the major offers that university of life for a new humanity gives is the “studentato internazionale” in which will be created community moments of life, study, work in a very wide multicultural contest.
Our international studentato can host students of any nationality that – interested in achieving an university degree, a PhD, specialization – attend regular studies in one of the universities in Emilia Romagna. The hospitality in the studentato is subordinated to the supply of a scholarship to the student from authority, associations or privates as coverage for study costs and university taxes  and personal daily needs. The procedures that the students involved have to conform to, is drown up by the “comitato direttivo “ according to the exponents of the eventual partners of the project.


The university of life for a new Humanity does not give degrees or other kinds of certifications aimed to introduce in the labour environment but offers an educational growth possibility for all young people, students or not, that want to complete their schooling, and for a wider public that wants to enlarge their personal human and social enrichment.
University of life for a new humanity can give certificates of attendance and recognize particular merits to  students inside and out the association.
University of life for a new Humanity realizes its own activity basing on a general program detected every academic year, by an academy board ( as in the regulement) which can eventually include occasional initiatives considered interesting and compatible with the objectives expressed above.
In particular, university of life and peace:
Promotes programmes based on “mondiality” ,solidarity and peace themes in agreement and collaboration with the schools.
Provides for the production of didactic instructive material  and divulgation of material provided by national and international institutions.
Develops collaborations with research centres and with the national organizations and associations operative in the human rights and world peace fronts.
Organizes meetings, seminars, workshops, displays and conferences free to public.
Organizes training and formation courses in collaboration with authorities or competent associations , to promote the training and preparation of the volunteers in mission in the Third World ( minimum knowledge of the local language and culture). And at the same time intensive training and educational courses for cultural mediators in our territory.
Organizes social, athletic, artistic and recreational activities aimed to form each person to the community.
Promotes the integration of immigrants in the social fabric of the territory through cultural and recreational initiatives able to make al the prosperity and importance of difference came out.
Means also to give space to the discovery of Emilia Romagna’s culture and traditions, through practical and theoretical initiatives (as guided tours, gastronomic meetings, recovery of significant pages and writings trough artistic and theatrical  displays) to be realized with the support of groups and associations committed to the specific area of interest.
Recognize every year the “international Daniele Po reward” to one or more women specially involved, sometimes also putting her life in danger, in defending human rights, legality and peace.
The international Daniele Po reward rapresents the excellence objective of the annual academic program as it combines all of the human and social values to whom promotion is finalized the activity of the University of life and Peace. In fact in two different moments, one before and one after the reward ceremony, many different activities and meetings with international and national testimonials are organized, in order to examine in depth the knowledge of  difficult and hostile social-economical- political contests.

Methods and instruments

The didactic activities include frontal lectures with the Teachers but will be especially applied a distant approach and learning (e-learning, e-teaching), so appropriate technology will be provided to the students.
However, in a first experimental period it wont be provided a articulate didactic plan yet and the activity will be especially pivot on the multimedia meetings free to public, on conferences and on the International Daniele Po reward. So the program will be quantitatively restricted but qualitatively high graded.

Property equipment and economic recourses

The  legal and operative residence of university of life for a new Humanity already exists.
The building, located in the centre of Pieve Di Cento (Bo), Via Risorgimento  19, is developed in two floors and it is extended for 500mq freely usable.
There is also an open space for exhibitions and museum (museum of civilisation and population) on the low ground and a room for meetings and conferences on the first floor.
Furthermore there is a separate wing used as a stock-warehouse for the books and equipment and other store material, 4 apartments, in the same separate zone, which can be used as student’s international house, to offer an experience of study and cohabitation with other students and young people of different cultures and nations thanks to scholarships given by privates or other authorities.

Economic Resources

The economic resources of University of Life for a new Humanity come from:
associative annual shares
pubblic and private contributions
donations by juridical and physical people
As far as human resources we refer to wolrd-wide and national groups of people ( single or in associations), by now stable after many years of collaboration.
People to whom raise awareness for eventual collaborations and support: Emilia Romagna Region, Universities of Studies, Local and national Institutes, Associations and Projectionists.


The authorities of the University of life for a new Humanity are:
Academic board
The president
Helper members of the academic board
Scientific board
Honorary members